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Ascent of Evil: The Story of Mein Kampf


Cantadoras: Musical Memories of Life and Death in Colombia 

Carlos Jauregui: The Unforgettable Fag

The Cloud Forest


David: Return to the Land


Dogs of Democracy


Freedom Flyers of Tuskegee: The Tuskegee Airmen


Going the Distance: Journeys of Recovery


Grab and Run: Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan


Grading the Teachers: An Exploration into Teacher Evaluation


The Guardian of Memory


Hot Flash: The Legendary Blues Band, Saffire


Humboldt in Mexico: The Vision of the Explorer


Jamaica and Tamarindo: Afro Tradition in the Heart of Mexico


Lumpkin, GA: The Hidden Heart of America's Immigration Crackdown

Maiden's Tower

Maize in Times of War


Memories of a Dreamer: The Journey of a Political Prisoner

Mending the Heart: The Power of Art to Heal a Community

Moccasins and Microphones: Modern Storytelling Through Performance Poetry


The Other Side of Home

The Poetry Lounge: Self-Expression Through Spoken Word - Study Guide


The Poetry Lounge: Self-Expression Through Spoken Word - Lesson Plan


The Poetry Lounge 2: The Power of Poetics


The Poetry Lounge 3: The Power of Performance


Poetry On Fire: Igniting Students’ Passion for Poetry and Creative Writing

Poetry On Fire Teacher’s Workshop: Developing Students’ Creative Writing Skills

Recovering Paradise


Searching for Victor "Young" Perez: The Boxer of Auschwitz


Silent River: The Santiago River, River of Death


Son of the Olive Merchant: In Search of the Armenian Genocide


The Suffragists






Swift Feet


To Die in the Desert: In Search of Cardenche: Songs of Love, Tragedy, and Survival


Women of the Mine


World of the Doll Artist


The Years of Fierro

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