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EPF Media Watch - Film Catalog

​ASCENT OF EVIL: THE STORY OF MEIN KAMPF – reveals Mein Kampf's dark history and how the book came to be written.

BELLATRIX: THE AWAKENING OF FEMINISM - Scholars and experts explore the issues that impact women's lives, and the politics of sexuality and gender.

CANTADORAS: MUSICAL MEMORIES OF LIFE AND DEATH IN COLOMBIA - A musical journey that tells the story of Afro-Colombian women singers and their music of resistance, hardship and survival.

CARLOS JÁUREGUI: THE UNFORGETTABLE FAG - The life story of Argentinean gay activist Carlos Jáuregui.  His tenacity over years of activism resulted in greater equality, dignity and visibility for the LGBTQ community.

CHILDREN OF THE EXODUS - Hundreds of Mexican communities had to relocate because of drug cartels.  Now refugees in a strange city, children reveal the consequences of their displacement.

THE CLOUD FOREST - A Community’s Search for a Sustainable Way of Life in One of the World’s Most Threatened Ecosystems. 

DOGS OF DEMOCRACY – A documentary about the stray dogs of Athens and the people who take care of them.  A universal story about love and loyalty and what we may learn from animals.

GLORY TO THE QUEEN – During the Cold War, four legendary female chess players from Georgia revolutionized women’s chess across the globe and became icons of female emancipation.

GRAB AND RUN - Kyrgyzstan’s ancient practice of bride kidnapping, Ala-Kachuu, has returned.

THE GUARDIAN OF MEMORY – Stories of Mexican murdered or disappeared families, and a Texas lawyer fighting for asylum-seekers searching for safety.

JAMAICA & TAMARINDO: AFRO TRADITION IN THE HEART OF MEXICO -  an exploration of African identity in Mexico City, an identity that goes beyond the color of one's skin.

LETTERS: THE ART OF GRIEVING The stories of three women: a mother, a wife, and a daughter who process their loss and grief through their art.


LUMPKIN, GA - An undocumented immigrant. A private immigration prison. Stories of the immigration crackdown meet in Lumpkin, GA.

MAIDEN'S TOWER - Stories of resiliency, courage, and sisterhood. 45 years after being incarcerated in Tiradentes Prison by the Brazilian dictatorship, the women reunite.

MATRONAS - Salvadoran midwives fight to protect their ancestral role in the face of government repression.

MAIZE IN TIMES OF WAR - The yearly cycle of four Indigenous maize farmers in different regions of Mexico, and the exceptional process of growing maize.

MENDING THE HEART: THE POWER OF ART TO HEAL A COMMUNITY – Community workers use art to help children cope with the trauma of the 2017 Puebla Earthquake in the town of San Gregorio Atlapulco, Mexico.

PASAJUEGO: THE OAXACAN INDIGENOUS GAME OF PELOTA MIXTECA – Pasajuego follows the players that compete in the indigenous Oaxacan sport of pelota mixteca. The film serves as a window into their ancient game and the lives of the U.S. Oaxacan culture community.

THE PEOPLE OF THE CLOUD FOREST – An intimate look at the indigenous Chinantec People of Mexico and their relationship with the environment.


POETRY ON FIRE: IGNITING STUDENTS’ PASSION FOR POETRY AND CREATIVE WRITING – Renown poets inspire students through their performances and discussions about expression, performance and the creative writing process.

RECOVERING PARADISE – A Mexican village rises up against a drug cartel.

ROOM WITHOUT A VIEW - Meager wages and abuse in rooms without windows, Lebanon's foreign domestic workers fight back against the mechanisms of modern slavery.

SEARCHING FOR VICTOR" YOUNG" PEREZ: THE BOXER OF AUSCHWITZ – details the harrowing emotional story Victor “Young” Perez who was deported to Auschwitz 12 years after winning the boxing world championship. 

SILENT RIVER – follows a heroic young woman as she defies death threats and fights to rescue one of the most polluted rivers in Mexico.

THE SUFFRAGISTS – details the political struggles of Eufrosina Cruz, an indigenous woman from Oaxaca, Mexico as well as the history of Mexican women's long fight for political power.

SUNÚ – Indigenous Mexican farmers grow maize as they have for hundreds of years, but their seeds and culture are threatened by the spread of genetically modified seeds. 

SWIFT FEET – Two Tarahumara runners captivated the world with their endurance running.  Swift Feet tells the story of the men, their unique culture and the struggles that the Tarahumara community faces today.

TO DIE IN THE DESERT –  A journey in search of the musical tradition of Cardenche Song and the history that gave birth to it.  Los Cardencheros de Sapioriz, the last surviving group is highlighted.

WHO WE ARE – An intimate and meditative portrait of the opioid epidemic through the families confronting the devastating consequences of the crisis.

WOMEN OF THE MINE – Portraits of three women who live and work at the infamous mines of El Cerro Rico in Bolivia.  The film highlights their strength, courage and resistance in the face of struggle and hardship. 

THE YEARS OF FIERRO – Mexican national César Fierro has been languishing on death row in a Texas prison for more than 30 years for a crime that evidence shows he did not commit.

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